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  • We have 30 years of experience.
  • Fully accredited through the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) process
  • Fully accredited and listed in the International Medical Directory of FAIMER
  • Clinical training in public and private hospitals.

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Key Features

We provide high-quality services for the students


Approved by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG).
Nobel Laureates

Nobel Laureates

Nobel Prize winners members of the School of Medicine faculty.


Officially recognized by the European Parliament and Council on the IMI (International Market Information System).
Summer Externships

Summer Externships

Summer externships in 10 countries including UK andUSA provide experiential learning in a range of disciplines.
Exclusive Collaborations

Exclusive Collaborations

The EUC School of Medicine maintains exclusive collaboration agreements with some of the country’s most renowned medical centers.
Clinical Rotations

Clinical Rotations

The network of associated hospitals in Cyprus includes the Larnaca and Nicosia General Hospitals.

Why SANA Med Training?

  • 82-90% success

    ratio of university admissions.
  • More than

    9000 graduates of 30 years.
  • Students from more than

    40 countries.
  • English or German

    Medical program in small groups.
  • Credit bearing

    pre-professional training of the U.S. accredited SANA College.
  • UK is

    one of the world's safest country

Fees and Expenses

  • Two-semester Pre-Medical Track

    $1000 / monthly
    24 hours/week
    From late September to mid-May
    need visa:15th September each year
  • One-semester Pre-Medical Track

    $1500 / monthly
    33 hours/week
    From late September to mid-May
    need visa:15th September each year

What’s Our Students Say

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SANA Partners

SANA College Scientific Partners
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Faq Accordion

  • What does the placement test consist of?

    he placement test will be in Biology, Chemistry, Math and General English. (Multiple choice questions and a composition.)
  • Is there a scholarship or student loan available?

    No, unfortunately, there is no scholarship; however, in some countries (for example: Sweden) the Government gives student loan to the students.
  • How can I find an apartment?

    Our Student Service Centre operates an accommodation office to deal with housing.
  • Do I get a student ID?

    We provide a UK temporary student ID, with which students are entitled to get the reduced price student monthly ticket for public transportation.


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